My ol’ pal Whitney is covering Sundance for Entertainment Weekly. At last report she was in major “which movie must I see” mode and going mildly insane. And that was before Day One.

I spent an hour tonight just going over the press screening schedule and crossing out the things I already know I can’t attend, trying to narrow things down a bit. I was listening to some Talking Heads to fend off the OCD-induced insanity and fell into such a scheduling trance that iTunes played me half of the Taylor Hicks album before I noticed what I was listening to and turned it off in horror.

It seems like no rational movie buff would expect to have 13 seconds of fun crammed into Park City, Utah, with a bunch of Hollywood types in their mink coats and hiking shoes that will see dirt only when they’ve been in the Smithsonian for 100 years. Future Whitney insanity available here.