A couple summers back I went to the San Jose Grand Prix and did a write-up here. I posted this at the end of it.

The Marine Corps’ “chin-up challenge” attracted a bunch of muscular
guys. A T-shirt went to anybody who could chin up to this bar 20 times; this
guy had a surfer’s build and looked plenty strong enough to do the whole 20.
He quit after five, which made me wonder if he looked down at those Marines
starting to like the looks of him and started wondering if the grand prize was
an all-expense-paid trip to Baghdad.

Today, nearly two years later, a guy named John C. Anderson came upon this post and added the following comment:

I took the Marine Challenge in Davenport, Iowa.

I did 28 chinups and won a cap as well as a t shirt.
My older brother was a Marine, my younger brother was a Marine, but I was too busy bumming around my mother’s bars to go into the corp. And I probably wasn’t tough enough or disciplined enough to make it anyway.

So, I was proud to win the shirt and the cap and the Marines were proud of me.

Twenty eight chinups isn’t bad for a sixty two year old man.

Not bad, indeed, Mr. Anderson.