Close the book on closure

From Linda Demaree:

I am sick of any phrases using the word “closure“, i.e.,
“they need closure”, “they finally have closure”,
etc, etc.

Another fun one is “infrastructure“, which seems
to be the popular byword today. The only problem with it is that
everyone is using it, and using it and using it, ad nauseam- and
largely incorrectly.

I am not a member of the media in any way, however, I felt the need
to add a couple of my “pet peeve” phrases to your list of expressions
which should be banned for life!I hope that someone from the media will think to add these to the list, because quite frankly, when I hear them used or see them in print, I have a tendency to shut out the rest.

Thanks for letting me vent.
A Consumer Victim Who Has Finally Found Closure By Being Allowed to
Vent About The Sad Media Infrastructure Which Allows Such Expressions
To Be Used To Excess!

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