From Mark Gallo:
I still can’t stand orientate, but now computate is popping
up. Hearing it in the US is one thing, but to hear it used at a professional
conference in England was somehow saddening. When did a sale become a sales event? It must have looked good
to somebody: now we have a made-for-television movie event. Shortly
after the weatherman became the chief meteorologist he had to jump in
with tornadic activity event and winter precipitation advisory
I swear I am not making these up.

There’s probably more of this kind of inane pretense at the local
station level than the national–When Dan Rather leaves they’re going
to retire the trophy–but what’s the deal with the anchor (I prefer
the technical term meat puppet) who says, “And now let’s go to the
newsroom for a live report
from WXXX’s Joe Dummy,” a wraps up with,
“Thanks, Joe–great job with that exclusive live report.” How exciting!
A live report from the next room! From an employee of the station who
doesn’t moonlight on other stations! (Where I live the CBS and NBC affiliates
continually claim to be the news leader, and the number one news channel
in the area. The area is #172 in the US TV market ranking; the ABC affiliate
doesn’t even bother to do news programs.)

In the background there is a faint humming noise: the sound of Edward
R. Murrow spinning in his grave like a lathe.

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