In no uncertain terms

From Bob Ferguson:

I’m surprised not to see “in terms of” in the to-be-banned list. What can be worse than asking “What is the weather like in terms of precipitation?” instead of “Is it raining?” These three words should be chopped from any sentence in which they occur.

English has more tenses than some languages and seems to be expanding in terms of tenses (see what I mean?) . Along with the present continuous we now have what I call the “airline emphatic present”. For example: ” Attention passengers, now at this time we are commencing boarding from rows 1 through 12.”

One thought on “In no uncertain terms

  1. I believe there is also something called “airline hopeful future,” as in: “We would like to thank you for flying (airline).” They would like to thank us, but they never get around to it, do they?