Tuning out

From Sohel Imroz:

I would like the following phrase to be added to your web-site: when the TV news readers tell the viewers to “stay tuned“. I feel like turning the power off the TV every time I hear this phrase.

One thought on “Tuning out

  1. The “stay tuned” comment by newscasters is another way for them to say “Don’t hand her that clicker quite yet. The News isn’t over. For example, after the commercial, you may well get to see a dismemberment performed by a terrorist or an Arizona Cardinal who just snapped under the shame of being an Arizona Cardinal.” If a newscaster develops the ugly habit of not caring about HUT levels, his services are automatically worth less to the station. Cut newsmen some slack on “stay tuned.”

    Instead, demand that newscasters and others stop trying to create an extra element of surprise by using “may be” when there is no doubt about it. “Ava Urben may be only three years old, but she’s proven she is smarter than our audience by refusing to watch TV News.” There’s no “may be” about it; she IS only three years old.