Like when blog is a verb…

Jeremy Egner despises:

“Hearts and minds”
Any lazy use of a noun as a verb. (“Journal” is the most grating. I
blame Oprah for this one, though I’m not sure she’s responsible.)

In music criticism:

  • Get (his/her/their/your) _____ on” (ironic appropriations of hip-hop jargon make me want to bust a cap in hack critics)
  • Kick out the jams
  • Party like its (year reflecting a specific musical era)” (e.g., a retro disco band “parties like it’s 1979.” a tired rip-off of Prince’s “1999”)

and, finally:
decidedly mixed reviews

One thought on “Like when blog is a verb…

  1. I do not understand how Oprah can be blamed and at the same time not sure she’s resonsible. Please explain our though.