Grave condition

Rachael Bradford writes:

This is used enough to make the list: Even some who respond here overuse the phrase “roll over in his/her grave“.

What dead person was important enough to be disturbed by what some random person is doing now to wake up and “roll over in his grave”

Really? When will this happen? I have got to see this one!

(Editor’s note: too many writers think they’re clever saying “that rumbling you hear is the sound of xxx rolling over…”)

This just in

Eric Zorn of the Chicago Trib is told to give “kerfluffle” a rest. And readers weigh in with tons more loathsome media utterances, most of which have been covered here, though this is a new one:

The one I hate is “decadent.” Why is it that this word is only used to describe chocolate? To prove my point, I just looked the word up on and the sponsored links on the side were for brownies and chocolates. Are we really that unoriginal that we can’t think of any more than one use for a perfectly good adjective?

Here’s the ironic part: “decadent” is defined as “self-indulgent.” In a society where half of us are 300 lb., oversized-SUV-driving, workaholic narcissists, there are oh so many many opportunities to use this word.