… according to Amy Fusselman:

Scientists I am not so crazy about. I think they are really overrated, especially by artists. Artists love scientists because artists think they are their opposites-they have this aura of coldness, of impartiality and rationality. But I think scientists are a lot like artists in that most of them are seeking spiritual experiences of one kind or another. It’s just that scientists won’t say they’re looking for God, they’ll say they’re looking for a new polymer or whatever. But scientists get more juice, culturally, than artists because they’re smart and organized (whereas everyone knows that artists are crazy slobs) and are supposedly working for the common good (whereas most people aren’t sure why artists are working). Artists love scientists and love to crib off them because they love that aura of respectability, an aura they’re not likely to get. The better an artist’s work is, the more likely people are to think he or she is a nutjob.

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