Today I’m playing with my new iBook so don’t expect much blogging.

Come to think of it though, this should be a good opportunity to put this little bugger through its paces.

I was up till the wee hours getting my wireless network set up, only to wake up this morning, boot everything up and find it not working. Another hour’s fiddling got it going again.

OK, here’s an actual blogging experiment:

Cincy paper dumps Boondocks. What a bunch of babies.

And for those outraged that the low-rated Doonesbury survived while Boondocks didn’t, we made the decision to drop Boondocks because we did not want to keep publishing a comic that we regularly needed to censor. During the past year, Boondocks was substituted a number of times because it was deemed inappropriate for a family newspaper. And not just this family newspaper. Editors across the country were making the same decisions.

Well, editors across the country who were scared of their own shadow.

(Hey, it works!)

Now I’m blogging from the couch in the living room. Look Ma, no wires!

Just to show that my geekery is unmatched around our house (well, it’s only me and Melissa), I unwired myself and took this thing to the kitchen, had Melissa load her favorite baking Web site and printed out a recipe from across the apartment. Way cool.

First rule of laptopery: the keyboard is your friend. The touchpad has personal space issues and wants you to stop poking it all the time.

OK now this is way cool: my optical mouse works fine when moving across the fabric of the couch.