This is an experiment to see if I can follow along here with running commentary on the NFL playoffs from the couch.

OK, so there’s only one game left this weekend… I missed the double-overtime win by the Panthers yesterday. Can’t really cry over St. Louis being ousted. Right now the Chiefs are running out of time and two touchdowns behind.

Indianapolis is starting to look like the team of destiny all the sudden. Late in the season the Colts got spanked by Denver. I saw parts of it and wondered what the hell. But they returned to form last weeked and blasted Denver when it counted. Missed that game too. Seems like Peyton Manning has all his good games when I’m not watching.

Touchdown chiefs!

38-31 Indy. Onside kick to come, no doubt.

It’s all riding on this kick… ooh, they faked the on-side, now, can the defense hold after having failed all day?

Peyton just got a killer completion. Chiefs need a miracle now.

Nope, no miracle. Colts win, but do they have enough defense to take it all?

Sets up an intriguing AFC championship next week against the New England Patriots. No-Name Pats vs. the No-Luck Colts. Manning’s had two great games but I’m guessing he’s got his dad’s ‘Aints genes and will be denied.