I had to watch, and now I think: Christ are they going to be this sullen and bitchy all season long?

Can’t figure out if this scene was poignant or silly: Tony is trying to talk his shrink into going out with him, she’s having none of it. He presses her for a reason, she says, “I don’t like your values.”

Tony says “What don’t you like about my values?”

My brain is screaming: You’re a fucking mob boss and a murderer, Tony. What’ s to like about your values?

So far two Annoying Guest Wiseguys Who Must Be Killed By Season’s End have been introduced. We saw a few scenes with the wonderful Robert Loggia, but only snapshots of the totally happening Steve Buscemi. Both of these guys can act circles around the entire cast of the Sopranos … must be written into James Gandolfini’s contract that they won’t be allowed to upstage him.

But they’ll be dead by the end of the season anyway, so why get worked up?

All I can figure is I must’ve been an honest chump whose shoe store got bombed by the Gambino gang in a previous life, because as much as I enjoy the comedy, the irony, the interplay of the characters, etc, a little voice is hollering from the far reaches cranium:

“The Sopranos are Criminals and they Belong in Prison for Life!” They do not belong in a pricey home in a, uh, tony suburb; they do not deserve to have their lifestyle beamed into six million living rooms every Sunday night. They are scum who kill, steal and maim to get their way.

OK, I know it’s just a soap opera with a mafia setting … I know I’m supposed to be charmed by the best talent in cable TV … I know I’m supposed to be able to say, “look, mobsters have lives, too.”

How’d I get stuck with this brain, anyway? Because it’s saying, right now, “how about a TV show about the lives those bastards snuffed out?”

Please, somebody, give me another brain, one that can let this shit slide and let me enjoy the best show on TV.