The San Francisco Giants play the Oakland Athletics in Oakland in June, and I’m hoping to get as many bloggers as possible to the game and to write about it on their blogs.

The game I’ve chosen is at 1 p.m. Sunday, June 27. I picked an afternoon game because it’ll be sunny and great for taking pictures. I picked Giants-A’s to atttact the most local fan/bloggers.

I’ve already spoken to a couple local bloggers who say they’re game, so if you’re in the Bay Area, what say you come along for the fun?

This will not be a day for people to form into an unruly blob and talk tech. It’ll be a day to go to the ballpark and be a fan. We don’t have to sit together — it’d be better if we scattered ourselves around the park for the widest range of perspectives.

I’ll be in the outfield bleachers in straight-away center. Tickets for this game will go fast and might well be sold out before game day, so buy ’em in advance (a good idea even if you plan to sit in the bleachers — the ticket line for last Sunday’s game took 15-20 minutes, and that was a day when the stadium was half-full).

I’ll post reminders every few weeks to help jog your memory. If you usually work on Sunday (that means you, George), well, you’ve got two months to swap with somebody, so get busy.