My digital camera gave up the ghost over the weekend. Picking a digital camera is a dreadful slog through a zillion options, none of which all reside on the camera you want at the price you’d prefer to pay. So here’s what I did: I ordered one most similar to the one I already have, because the latest model does everything my old one did at half the price.

Even though my last Canon had a manufacturing defect that caused its early demise, I still have no gripe with Canon gear. Mine took pretty good pictures, saved me tons and tons on film, processing and printing, and worked fine, till it didn’t.

Having no pictures to post also offers me a perfect excuse to avoid writing about what I did over the weekend, which mostly amounted to hiking 10 miles uphill, camping out, waking up the next morning, stowing all my gear and walking 10 miles downhill where I started. I might decide to write about it later in the week, but maybe not. I was never more than eight miles from home (as the crow flies) the whole time, so the scenery is very familiar.

Next weekend I’m going to the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival for the third year in a row, so I’ll have lots o’ fun pictures of Bluegrassy stuff, assuming my new camera gets here in time.