Anybody can do a Greatest Hits of 2006 post; I’m doing a Greatest Misses of 2006. That is, pictures that were almost good enough to post in the past year but for some reason didn’t make the final cut. Let’s check ’em out, month by month:


Ohlone Wilderness, January 2006

Along the trial to Murietta Falls on the Ohlone Wilderness Trail from Lake Del Valle in Livermore. This is a section near the top of the Big Burn where many impressive old oaks decorate the hillside.


Carson Pass, February 2006

A self-portrait taken after a night spent camping on the snow at Carson Pass in the Sierra. I was in desperate need of a haircut at the time, as the chilly mountain breezes attested.


Ed Levin County Park, March 2006

Snow coats the hilltops in our neighborhood after a nasty cold front came through. This is Monument Peak at Ed Levin County Park.


Henry Coe State Park, April 2006

A foggy morning at Henry Coe State Park, where I had just spent the night sleeping on the ground as part of a lightweight-backpacking course.


Driftwood, May 2006

Melissa’s mom was in town so we took a drive down to the coast. This is a pile of driftwood on the beach next to California Highway One between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz.


Tahoe National Forest, June 2006

The sky turns interesting colors as night falls near Penner Lake during an overnight backpacking trip to Tahoe National Forest.


Emigrant Wilderness, July 2006

Rebecca of and, next to a blazing fire her husband built using wood he chopped with a very large knife, during an overnight backpacking trip to Emigrant Wilderness.


Near Carson Pass, August 2006

A stop near Carson Pass in the Sierra, where Melissa and I went for a road trip to warm up for the big miles ahead in our southern Utah vacation.


Zion National Park, September 2006

A rocky mount near the entrance to Zion Canyon at Zion National Park, just down the road from a bed & breakfast where we slept for a week between day trips to see all the scenic splendor of the region.


Pacific Crest Trail, October 2006

Pacific Crest Trail in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, where a bunch of outdoor bloggers got together for a long weekend.


Fall color, November 2006

Leaves turn at Castle Rock State Park in the Santa Cruz Mountains.


Mission Peak, December 2006

Mission Peak along the Horse Heaven Trail, looking out over the San Francisco Bay.

Pretty good year if I do say so.