I had occasion to be downtown on Sunday morning and decided to squeeze off a few frames. Among the highlights:

Marriott hotel in a water puddle

Thats the skinny tower of the Marriott Hotel reflected in a water puddle on Market Street.

Ferris wheel, Sunday morning

Down the street a ways, a Ferris wheel stands as part of the local Christmas in the Park festivities. Nothing happening this early in the morning, of course. The city’s central park is full of cheesy Christmas displays and gazillion Christmas trees decorated by local school kids. The best parts are the animatronics, which look variously vapid and diabolical. To wit:


Somebody’s cake’s making a run for it.


Keep your children away from this guy.

Another figurine

The most evil of the bunch, if I do say so.


If I didn’t know she was supposed to be singing, well, I don’t know what I’d think. (Well, I do but this is a family Web site.)

City Hall

Later I wandered over to San Jose’s City Hall, which always has promising photographic possibilities.

Great thing about downtown San Jose: you can take in all the highlights in about an hour’s walking.