OK, so within 24 hours of placing my order for my new Mac laptop, I learn of two people who also bought new Mac laptops.

And yesterday I’m at work and I notice one of the guys on the National Desk has this shiny new digicam in his hand.

Me: “Hey, what kinda camera is that?”

Him: “A Nikon Coolpix.”

Me: “Wow, I just bought a new Canon. You know, if you ever need a battery pack for that thing, let me know. I found real good one.”

Him: “Why, do people have battery problems with these?”

Me: “No, but they all go through batteries super fast, so the battery pack is nice to have. How’s that one doing?”
Him: “I don’t know, I’ve only owned it for four hours.”

Everybody’s got the bug these days, it seems.