Dan Gillmor posted a link to my proposed blogger day at the ballgame, to which a commenter raised the following point:

Wouldn’t that be illegal? Are you allowed to broadcast updates on the game without express written permission of Major League Baseball?

I don’t think posting to a blog with an audience of 127 is exactly broadcasting, and it’s not like anybody’s going to follow a game on a blog when they can just tune into it on TV or radio. In any case, they can’t copyright the experience of being at a baseball game — which is all I’m interested in documenting.

Still, there’s an interesting issue afoot: SBC Park, where the San Francisco Giants play, offers free wireless internet access. What’s to stop somebody from sneaking a digital video recorder into the ballpark and shipping streaming video to the outside world? (I’m guessing they have a way to keep this from happening … or they will after the first time they catch somebody doing it).

As usual, the technology is miles ahead of the law.