It snowed again overnight. This morning there was a fluffy two-inch coat of
it on everything.

I was up before sunrise warming up the ol’ digicam. "These are gonna look
great," I thought. But when I downloaded them into the computer they all
had this blue cast suggesting all this might be scenes from somebody’s aquarium.
Then in occurred to me why so many arty photographers go black-and-white in
the snow: it’s mostly white anyway and the non-white parts offer wonderful visual

It works better if you know what you’re doing, of course, but my experiments
with black and white came out not too bad, if I do say so.

It was a snowy welcome indeed.

Fenceposts are such trusty bits of architecture. Especially the snow-capped

Shot this one from the front porch.

Horses don’t mind the snow, though digging through it to find grass to munch
upon is a bit of an annoyance, I suppose.

Snow on a branch says "take my picture!"

If you use the flash the snow really pops against the background.

Daffodil bent down under the weight of the snow. It’ll all be gone in a couple
hours and the flowers’ll be standing up straight again.

One more look at the neighborhood.

Snow can be a bit drab if it has no trees to decorate.