We’re at Melissa’s mom’s place, getting ready to sleep for a week after driving for a week.

The drive through the Great Smoky Mountains was quite nice — there’s a ghostly charm unique to the southern Appalachians. I hoped to spot evidence of the Appalachian Trail but found out I missed the turn-off on the Tennessee side of the border.

For now my main focus is kicking back after a long drive. I’ll post some pics for now and perhaps write a longer post on the experience of driving west to east later this week (if I get inspired.)

Smoky Mountain closeup

Approaching the Smokies east of Knoxville.

Smokies wide shot

Wider shot of the same area.

Tunnel on the North Carolina side

Second of a pair of short tunnels under the range.

Wildflowers at a North Carolina rest stop

Found these wildflowers at a rest stop on the Carolina side of the border,

Almost there

Almost there. Looks a lot like Tennessee, though the right of way isn’t groomed quite as well in North Carolina.

Rest time.