New iBook. New digicam.

Gadget nirvana.

I’m sitting on the living room couch, and across the room this flying-saucer-looking thing called an Airport Extreme Base Station is beaming the Internet to my iBook laptop (notebooks they call them these days). It’s also beaming the contents of my Itunes music library. so I can take my tunes with me anywhere within range of the base station. About 50 feet or so.

The camera is a Canon A70. It’s a nifty little thingy … has scads of controls. It used to be you had to buy a camera that had either aperature priority or shutter priority; this has both. It’ll shoot automatically but you can also adjust shutter and aperature manually, or use the “priority” mode to choose the best aperature to go with whatever shutter speed you set, or to choose the best shutter to go with whatever aperature width you set. Plus the ability to make quickie videos up to 3 minutes long. Very nice.

I’m planning to take some fresh photo-fetching roadtrips in the next couple months and post the results here.