This afternoon, Chris the landlord and I strung 200 feet of ethernet cable so I could share his high-speed connection. We’ve been meaning to get around to it all summer but other stuff kept getting in line ahead of it. Vacations, distractions, you name it.

I don’t have any fresh hiking pictures — yesterday I checked out a park near Mountain View called Rancho San Antonio, but I left the camera at home. The park has 20-plus miles of trails going up into the Santa Cruz Mountains; I covered about five miles. Nice place… I’ll be back w/the camera in the next few weeks.

Having caught the outdoor bug, I feel restless sitting here typing stuff into my iBook. Yesterday i went straight for the first uphill trails; level ground seems like a pointless way to annoy my feet.

That’s all for today … there’s a nice breeze rolling in from the coast; another of those perfect days that happen so often in California that they become redundant. I’m not complaining.