A birdhouse, early morning

A bird house

Another example of early morning light adding a tinge of color. I walk past this birdhouse most mornings and usually it’s just plain gray, but this morning there was just a bit more brown to it. Just goes to show that nothing’s ever the same outdoors from one day to the next.

Color of morning

Morning on the trail, Tanglewood

Best parts of this shot are subtle: the browns where the morning sun comes through and lights up certain areas near the fence in the foreground.

Most definitely would’ve benefited from a better camera here to capture more dynamic range. Incidentally, all the shots I’ve uploaded this week have been straight from iPhoto to Flickr with no post-processing beyond cropping. Click for the others I’ve posted.

Another sunrise at Tanglewood

Sunrise at Tanglewood Park

Tanglewood is the park near our place. Lately I’ve been challenging myself to find interesting snapshots there — I feel like this one qualifies. One frustration out outdoor photography on this side of the U.S. is we never get that sublime blue sky of the West that is so perfect it even looks great in black and white. We get a lot of haze and a lot days where the sky just isn’t much help.

However, I’m finding that the early morning sun gives the haze a certain shimmer it never has the rest of day. So, better pictures.

Got any tips for shooting a sunrise? Share with the class, please.

Pic of the Day

Partly cloudy skies over Clingman’s Dome, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, July 2010 From “Quick Trip to Clingman’s Dome.” (Got a pic you’d like to nominate for Pic of the Day? Drop me an e-mail) Need more pictorial prettiness? Check…