Rick‘s flying in from Canada, Szu-Ting‘s flying over from Philly and a quartet of Bay Area bloggers are meeting Mr. Trout Underground near Mount Shasta around dinnertime for food, camping and chit-chat. Saturday we hike a bit of the Pacific Crest Trail, then it’s a gourmet dinner courtesy of WineHiker Russ, a campfire and more chit-chat (lubricated by some of Russ’s favorite wines) and another night out in the woods, then Sunday we pack it all up and head back home.

I’ve already tossed a challenge to a potential host of the Second Annual Ho Down: I mentioned to Cutter that he ought to host a blogger meet-up next year at Trail Days in Damascus, Virginia. He’s led Boy Scouts across the Rockies so plotting a get-together among thru-hikers should be a snap.

I’ll have words & pictures next week, and you’ll all be so green with envy that you’ll be chafing at the bit to attend Ho Down No. 2.