Ebomb over at GoBlog breaks the news, then (as predictable as the Seattle rains in December) he launches into tirade No. 4375 against The North Face’s latest marketing follies. Not much Christmas spirit in that guy.

Climb_CA (who blogs under a pen name to preserve the purity of his snark) was the brains behind the Outdoor Blogger Meetup at Shasta last October. He already has one impossibly cute little guy, who will no doubt be glad to have a younger sibling who will have lots of questions that only a big brother can answer, like why daddy gets that certain far-away look in his eyes when he’s gazing upon a mountain summit.

We girls of Climb_CA’s online sewing circle are waiting for news of this child’s size, weight, and what names the mother called him in the throes of childbirth. I’ll report back as soon as word reaches me.