I’ve got the orange Superfeet insoles for a couple pairs of hiking shoes whose fit is less than ideal. They seem to improve comfort a smidgen, though not as much as a better-fitting pair of shoes would, I suspect.

I’m curious how other people’s feet react. Most stock shoe insoles do mold to the shape of your feet, within limits. One pair of shoes beats up the balls of my feet; insoles just make them a bit less annoying (I hiked 20 miles with a 20-pound pack on these things last year and my tootsies were not pleased).

Custom orthotic inserts presumably cure a lot of these foot-comfort issues. Mind you they cost more than most pairs of shoes, but if you like to take long walks, it’s probably worth the investment.

If you’re all about the insoles, please share with the class. I still can’t make up my mind whether I’m getting my money’s worth (though it occurs to me if you have to ask, you probably aren’t).