A product sample from the company Pacific Yurts. More on yurts here.

I hear tell the parks department in Santa Clara County wants to put up 24 yurts in five of the county’s parks. Here’s a link to the proposal. Estimated cost: $832,000 (a handy illustration of housing costs around here: A Mongolian-style tent on a raised platform will set you back 34 grand — the county could buy barely used second-hand camping trailers for much, much less, but hey, yurts are the in thing these days).

Current plan is to put them in parks that already have campgrounds — Sanborn Skyline, Uvas Canyon, Grant Ranch, Coyote Lake, Mount Madonna — but that issue isn’t settled. Heck, Grant Ranch is big enough that you could have yurt-to-yurt hikes, just like in Mongolia, but minus the horsemen.

A colleague at the paper is working on a story about the yurt plan and is interested in the opinions of hard-core campers who’ve used the county parks, and specifically whether they think much of the idea. Use the comments to weigh in, and perhaps you’ll see your name in the paper in the next few days.

With any luck I’ll remember to link to the story when it actually runs.

(Here’s a PDF of the Yurt Feasibility Study … tons o’ interesting facts in there)