Arnold Schwarzenegger has dumped his plan to close 48 state parks. The Sacramento Bee reports:

Backpedaling from his earlier plan, the Republican governor will not seek to close 48 state parks, ask for early release of 22,000 inmates or give schools less money than they are guaranteed by the state Constitution.

Advocates who were briefed on the governor’s plans late Tuesday, however, said most of Schwarzenegger’s proposed cuts to health and welfare services will remain in a $101.8 billion spending plan for the fiscal year that begins July 1.

The guy who ran Gray Davis out of town on a fiscal-responsibility platform wants to use future lottery revenues as collateral for $15 billion worth of bonds to close the current deficit. Hmm.

Looks like Henry Coe and Portola Redwoods are in the clear for now. Fees may go up a dollar or two, though.