The first goes out to Brittney Gilbert and her Eye On Blogs blog at KPIX, CBS-5. She has dozens of Bay Area blogs to choose from and has thoughtfully concluded that all those TV news-watching couch potatoes need tips on getting out and breathing some fresh air, advice best supplied by the region’s No. 1 hiking blog. (It’s not lost on me that I’m getting great linkage from a local TV station and not a peep from, ahem, the Newspaper of Silicon Valley — though it could be that my watchful corporate parents don’t want to encourage my bad habits).

The second goes out to Adam Paul, whose hiking write-ups helped fuel my trail obsession back when I started in 2004. He’s since moved on to birdwatching and photography, perfectly honorable outdoor pursuits, but his blog is still very much worth a look. His photos and videos from a recent trip to Chile are stunning.