Hey, the domain was available (nothing there yet, though). So, here’s the deal: Having written about almost everyplace worth hiking in the Bay Area, I’m working on something new a site inspired by Life Hacker (and all the other “hacker” sites) devoted to handy hints for hikers, backpackers, etc.

My darling spouse has already contributed several tips for organizing and de-skunking a gear closet, for example.

Right now I’m thinking of keeping it down to a half-dozen simple categories:

  1. Hygiene
  2. Fitness
  3. Gear
  4. Navigation
  5. Food
  6. Safety

Suggestions welcome, as always (for instance, would it be better as a group blog?). I’m not giving up this site, by the way. I’m just running out of stuff to talk about.

Why not just build it into this one? Well, this whole site has been a working experiment that has bounced all over the place over the past three years; the result is something of a mess. I want one site built right that’ll attract an audience and do some good in the hiking world beyond the Bay Area. I still plan on hiking on Sundays and writing about it on Mondays, and posting links on whatever news crops up.