has a bunch of hiking-related items posted.

Excerpt from Peter Potterfield’s “Classic Hikes of the World. Among the classics:

  • Wonderland Trail, Mount Rainier National Park
  • Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim, Grand Canyon National Park
  • Routeburn Track, South Island, New Zealand
  • Kungsleden, Arctic Sweden
  • Wonder Lake to McGonagall Pass, Denal National Park

The Art of Layering, which could be subtitled “how to spend oodles of cash on high-tech fabrics that never live up to their marketing copy.”

Lewis and Clark Trail, following the path of the greatest camp-out in U.S. history.

Staying hydrated in in the winter, a way-useful guide to avoiding dehydration and keeping your water from freezing when crossing the frozen tundra.

Hiking in New Zealand, because, well, it’s a cool exotic location where they speak English. And it has great hills.