From an L.A. Times story by a woman who keeps going despite the strange looks from skinnier, faster hikers.

Maybe you have to be fat to have the “What if?” moment I had. Because that cave was not built for anyone who can’t fit into a Patagonia Seamless Mesh Bra Top. The entrance was maybe 3 feet high and 2 1/2 feet across, and I knew the shaman who had practiced here must’ve been a slender, probably wiry man.

A small woman ahead of me sprang in and out of the opening like a cat, signaling that it was my turn. I climbed up into the cave, prayed I wouldn’t get stuck and wriggled through. Of course it was claustrophobic. Of course I had the horrible image of rangers having to yank out my wedged body.

I’ve been passed by people of every shape, age, nationality, etc. You really don’t know anything about people’s capabilities or lack thereof just by a single glance on the trail. The one you write off will inevitably be the one who saves your fanny. So save the funny looks for the wildflowers and rattlesnakes.