Here’s a site I’ve somehow missed before:
Wandering Knight,
by hard-core hiker Kenneth Knight, production editor at He’s got
years worth of trail reports and accumulated knowledge. If you’re into camping,
check out his
page on reducing pack weight.
. One snippet:

If you are tired you may find yourself getting angry more readily.
Anger whether towards others or yourself can really ruin a trip (I recall a
bad injury that I can directly attribute to being angry. The injury was worse
than it should have been in part because I was carrying a heavy pack).

The point of getting out into the wilds is to work off the anger which results
from putting up with people all week. If you’re still angry after toting your
stuff through the woods all day, you’ve got wounds the woods can’t heal. (This comment is no reflection of the quality of Kenneth’s site, which is excellent across the board).