So you’re in the wilds with the one you adore when the Cialis Moment
arrives. Assuming that the exertions of hauling heavy stuff up steep hills
haven’t, uh, drained you completely, there are serious practical concerns
to weigh before the heavy breathing resumes. A few months back I stumbled
arcoss this wonderful article about Getting Wild in the Wilds
and tracked it down this morning because, well,
any time I can sneak a little sin onto the blog, I’ll do it. A few choice

Be careful in bear country.
There is a lot of debate on whether doing it in the wild attracts bears.
There have been several documented cases of couples being attacked during
or just after the act. What isn’t know is whether the attack was brought
on by the odors and/or noise of the activity, or due to inattention to
the fact that a bear is in the campsite. If you are in serious bear country,
consider saving the urge for another time.

… because, you know, your activity may remind that large furry beast
that he hasn’t gotten any in awhile, and this could provoke anger.

Don’t recreate scenes from "Here to Eternity"
or "The Temp."
Consummating your
love in the water can be a very exhilarating experience but can cause
serious medical issues afterwards. A number of water borne diseases can
be introduced in compromising areas, as well as a variety of parasites.
Natural hot springs are also incubators for a variety of bacteria.

I’ve often wondered how much sand got into Burt Lancaster’s butt-crack
when they filmed that scene.

Just keep in mind that all sorts of people are sharing
the wood with you. You don’t want your time alone to become a traumatic
experience for a passing child or wind up as a submission for the TV show,
Caught On Tape.

The latter is true of almost any activity, but nobody’s gonna bother trying to sell
videos of you starting a campfire.