We’re swimming in links today, so let’s get at ’em.

Creatures featured

Don’s Musings remarks upon a vist to a wolf sanctuary in Washington State. Don’t miss the howling video (dogs in our neighborhood do the same thing: one starts yowling and pretty soon the whole valley is alive with their racket).

Yosemite Explorer has a cute pic of a pouncing coyote.

Dan Mitchell saw cows at Mission Peak.

Outdoorness tells how to catch fish with flies.

Gear lust

Spadout.com has a way-cool snowshoe-finding tool (could use more brands, though).

Must Be This Way tries out a new pair of Terrocs trail shoes. (Here’s where they’re available outside the UK)

Geared Up says check out the deals at Dublin’s Patagonia outlet (that’s the real Dublin — you know, in Ireland — for you Bay Area types.)

Cyberhobo loves his new recumbent bike.

On the Trail

John Fedak went back to the Ventana Wilderness.

MountainZone recommends moonlight snowshoeing near Lake Tahoe.

At the Outdoor Retailer show

Calipidder, GoBlog and BackpackingLight were in Salt Lake City to see the latest, greatest stuff.

Rebecca, Calipidder’s keeper, even phoned in a report to Steve at the WildeBeat, talking up the highlights. One thing that caught her eye was a pair of socks that want to be gloves when they grow up — each toe gets its own wrapper, which prevents toe-on-toe blisters (BackpackingLight liked ’em too. More of Rebecca’s antics here.

GoBlog’s gear jones was tested, and posts about bombproof tents and stupendously expensive backbacks from suppliers to the U.S. military ensued. One hopeful advance: a canister stove that works in the winter!