Got an e-mail yesterday from the proprietor of, who is selling these “WoodGas” camp stoves that raise interesting possibilities for folks camping in areas where there’s lots of dry wood lying around. The stove is a bit heavy at 2 pounds but if you never have to carry fuel, it could be a fair tradeoff.

The problem with wood as a fuel is getting it to burn efficiently — the smoke alone from an average campfire is enough to scare most folks away from trying to cook over it. The Spenton stove gets around this by having a small, battery-powered fan at the stove’s base to blow fresh air through the fuel, allowing it to burn at a higher efficiency with very little smoke. The fan has two speeds to regulate cooking temperature.

The guy from has offered to send me one for review, but I’d like to get feedback from y’all before I commit to anything. More on the company’s background is here. Background on developing these kinds of stoves as an alternative energy source here.