It’s that time of the year to start hiking the Appalachian Trail, and is starting to amass a fair number of posts from intrepid trekkers. A few samplings:

Frosty, at 62.9 miles in:

I blew up my pillow and tried to sleep. It was hard because I kept coughing. I took a slug of cough syrup – I only have one more swallow left of the prescription stuff now. It helped a little. I slept until 11:00 then woke up to pee.After that I coughed and coughed and couldn’t sleep. I finally remembered the Sudafed and took one. I stayed awake perhaps an hour, no more, and dozed off. The Sudafed not only made me drowsy, but it helped with the sinus drip so I could sleep.

Time flies, whether you are having fun or not.

MrsGorp, at 371.8 miles in:

I’ve decided that anyone can hike the AT, but it takes a special breed of hiker that can leave the hospitality and warmth of Miss Janet’s hiker hostel. Tonight will be my 12th night in Erwin. Tomorrow I am making my exit and heading north.

We hope to fly a kite on the Humps.

Grinds, at 75.4 miles in:

Woke up to an inch of snow. It was absolutely beautiful. Started hiking at 7:30 and warmed up as I kept moving. I felt pretty sore from yesterday, but all the snow made me feel at home in Chicago. Arrived at Dicks Creek Gap to a guy serving hot chocolate. The warmth of hot chocolate made the past 2 days of cold worth it. My senses seem to be so strong right now. Besides trailmix, which I’m sick of eating, everything tastes amazing. Even water. this guy (forgot his name) drove us to the Holiday Inn tonite. I ran into a bunch of hikers that were past me. E-Rok, Beth, Tori and Sundance were all there. We’re going to an all-you can eat steakhouse tonight. In town to refuel the belly, food pack and medical supplies. And I’m loving my king size bed, hot shower and couch. Now I’m beginning to miss home.

I plan to keep scanning trail journals over the course of the season — gonna be fun come August, when the heat and humidity add so much pleasure to a hike.