If any of you are like me and enjoy The Dude Abides, the lapsed lawyer now fulltime snowboarder keepin’ it real in Bozeman, Montana, you may share my chagrin at Outside magazine having named Bozeman one of its Top Ten Adventure Hot Spots in the United States. Then again:

Grind the Divide:
One of southwestern Montana’s newest trails, the 23-mile Bangtail Divide singletrack starts with a 40-switchback climb near Bracket Creek; spin the 1,000 feet of vert to the top and you’ll be rewarded with views of the Bridger Mountains, the Gallatins, the Tobacco Roots, and other toothy ranges. Keep your eyes open for bear and moose. 406-587-1064

Hmm, wonder if we could get the Dude to pay for the first round of beers.

Link via The Adventure Blog