I went scouting this morning for previously undiscovered hiking blogs and the
Google search turned
up a few choice examples. All these have RSS feeds; some haven’t been updated
in awhile but perhaps a link from us will inspire them to get on with the essential
business of blogging.

  • Haiku — The home of bearded
    kilt-wearing hard-core hiker Andrew Breecher, who of late is in the High Sierra
    trekking the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. His Appalachian Trail
    journal is here.
  • Besthike — Rick McCharles’ blog
    from his site attempting to profile the world’s best hikes (the challenge
    being that there are always far too many trails left off the list). So far
    he’s had some nifty links to trails in cool places like Tasmania and cool
    gear like a Swiss Army Knife with an MP3 player built in.
  • Smoky Mountain Hiking — Jeremy
    Flint’s accounts of hikes in and around the Smoky Mountain National Park.
    Recent posts have such things as an adorable
    of his little guy in a backpack, and a post with hints on how to avoid
    Gatlinburg traffic jams
  • Hike of the Week
    — The Tacoma News Tribune’s central storehouse for hikes in Washington State,
    presented by The Mountaineers Tacoma Branch Hiking/Backpacking Committee.
    Pretty straightforward, with trail descriptions, driving directions and difficulty
    ratings. Nice one to check out before a trip to the Cascades.
  • Reno-Tahoe blog
    — If you’ve been in this neighborhood you can be forgiven for wondering
    why any sane person would step foot in a Casino when there’s so much cool
    stuff afoot in the hills nearby. The blog has multiple
    , all of whom have serious backcountry cred.
  • Grand Canyon Blog
    Hosted by Ken McNamara and Rob Kleine, two veteran Canyon hands who’ve written
    much about the landmark. Last update was April 23, but there’s ample cool
    stuff already posted, like the links to a glass
    being built over the canyon.
  • Utah Travel Headlines
    — Handy place to go before you head out to Zion, Bryce Canyon or any of the
    other 14,372 totally cool locales that look like the models for Roadrunner
    cartoon backdrops.
  • Endless Trail — Jason Thomas’
    blog about hikes near Fresno, CA., which is right next to a major mountain
    range but Jason likes to do the unexpected, so many of his write-ups entail
    trips to the desert. Last updated in April.

Well, those links oughta keep you busy for a while.