Stephen Regenold on what keeps him satiated on a mountainside:

Lately, I’ve become more scientific about adventure eating, reading nutrition labels, counting calories and divvying food up in baggies for per-hour and per-diem ratios. For big adventures, including overnight mountain climbs or marathon backpacking ordeals, I eat at least once an hour and consume 4,000 to 5,000 calories in a day. Each little baggie of food — which I keep accessible in the hip-belt pockets on my pack — contains at least 300 calories, and I simply make sure to empty the contents of one packet into my mouth every hour.

Specific food stuffs I’ve come to rely on include cashews, pecans, pepperonis, croutons, beef jerky, dried fruit, candy bars, Oreo cookies and Pop-Tarts. All of these items meet the adventure-eating-diet criteria of being easy to eat, high-calorie and non-perishable. They are also all quite yummy, which has become an increasingly important factor for me.