Bone Pac, the guy who was the first to finish the Appalachian Trail this season, has something trailworthy going on:

Upon arriving home after the thru-hike I quickly submerged myself into to routine goings-ons of my pre-hike life (which I have thoroughly enjoyed). The trail comes and goes in my thoughts and I was back on the trail for a day hike last week. But in a major move Jennel and I have decided to set off on another Appalachian Trail Adventure – the adventure of running a hostel on the AT here in Maryland!

We submitted a contract on a house near the trail contingent on the sale of our current home. After a week on the market our home is now under contract and we are hoping to have a new, warm, friendly, convenient stop on the trail for fellow hikers up and running for the 2007 season.

I can see the run-ins with the local constabulary: “honest, they are NOT homeless people, and no, they did NOT steal those packs from weekending Congressional aides.”