Andrew at the Washington Trail Association wants to hear your favorite outdoor gaffes.

And there’s this from the Our Hike gals, somewhere in Utah:

Then we took our break under a big juniper tree. As we were getting up to go, I put my hat on, which has a huge brim, and as I stood up, I whacked my head into the sharp end of a broken off branch (it’s okay, you can laugh – we did). It hurt so bad my eyes were watering – I’d admit to you that I was crying, but I was laughing so hard, and so was mom, that we almost wet our pants!

Guess you had to be there.

Finally, Dan Mitchell recounts how he broke his little toe and went to see the doctor a month later.

So, bottom line: I’m a real bozo for backpacking (and subsequently day hiking) with a broken toe. On the other hand, I got some realy cool photos on the trip. Even better, I now have a great story to tell on future trips about The Time I Backpacked for Five Days with a Broken Toe…

In my line of work, just about anything’s acceptable if a good story comes from it.