GoBlog has finally tired of waiting for me to organize this — which was my plan all along: throw out an idea I’m too lazy to implement myself and let somebody else run with it.

So far all the GoBlog boys know is that they want to do it somewhere in Northern California, sometime in October.

I’m proposing the weekend of Oct. 7-8, since that’s before we tend to get much rain, though we could just get together at a restaurant or bar and tell big lies about all the trips we have planned. Point being it doesn’t have to be an “outing” — and there would be the delightful irony of an indoor event for outdoor bloggers. Look, that’s as clever as we get at these prices.

To keep all the plans in one place, post your “count me ins” (they call ’em RSVPs in some cultures) to the comments area at GoBlog’s original post. That way we won’t have plans and counterplans evolving on separate blogs.