These are the confirmed bloggers for the Mt. Shasta meetup:

GoBlog has also invited every biking blogger on earth, but has no takers so far.

Note that Rick McCharles, of Best Hikes, and Szu-Ting Yi, aka Little Po, are flying in — Rick from Calgary and Szu-Ting from the East Coast. I realize this means that when Ho Down 2007 happens, us West Coasters are going to be obliged to travel somewhere. But we’ll worry about that next year.

For now we’re wondering whether to stick with the plan to hike up to Horse Camp — two miles with a thousand feet of elevation gain) or to car camp somewhere closer to fishing opportunities; we fully expect Tom of Trout Underground to avail us of his fly-fishing expertise. Wine-hiker Russ plans to prepare a gourmet meal on Saturday and will bring a couple examples of choice vintages. Climb_CA will bring his little boy along so we can get an early start on corrupting his morals. Fedak will be able to regale us with tales of his orthorpedic surgery. I’m telling you, this is not to be missed.

As I mentioned the other day, I’ll be bopping around in southern Utah for the next week, starting tomorrow, and will be home on the 24th. After that, final planning will happen in earnest.