From the bio page of a blogging Scoutmaster:

I am a liberal card carrying member of the ACLU, a Buddhist and a stone cold Democrat. Most people would say that Scouting is not a likely fit for me, but I have been at this for just over 20 years now and it fits fine.

At its best the program is inclusive, resilient and able to bring people together. After beginning in Great Britain in 1907 the movement spread around the world. In the United States we have the Boy Scouts of America, a once revered and respected organization that now has a reputation for excluding some people from membership based on a bizarrely narrow and relatively new interpretation of the Scout Oath and Law.

This perplexing situation has led me to reconsider my involvement with such an organization. I concluded that I would no more leave scouting over the current administration of the BSA than I would renounce my U.S. citizenship because I disagree with the current administration of the government.

Well said. The guy’s got oodles of interesting gear links, too.