Parks Traveler reports on a storm that brought hurricane-force winds to the
Great Smoky Mountain National Park:

Winds topped out at 106 mph during the event back on October 16th and 17th.
Park officials say the most significant structural damage was to the historic
Dan Lawson Barn in Cades Cove. It was blown partially off its footings, and
one wall was buckled in. Rangers estimate more than 1,000 trees were felled
by the strong winds, causing the closure of 24 trails to horse travel. Where
those trees were knocked over there are “hot-tub sized holes” where they were

Naturally, tons of trails were blocked, so don’t be surprised to find closures
on major trails and blockage on the minor ones in Great Smoky in the coming
months. Major trail work will have to wait till spring, though parks people
say they’ll take chainsaws to the worst obstructions on the most popular trails
to get them open as soon as possible.