Gadling linked to, the site of a guy and his wife who are traveling to every national park and most national historic sites. Their site has rankings on amenities, scenic splendor, accessibility and other stuff of interest to tourist types. The reviews are a bit crabby for my taste in places — complaining about crowds at Yosemite is like lamenting the humidity while scuba diving — but the volume of information is staggering. Overall the site’s a definite go-to link for national park travelers.

Speaking of which, National Parks Traveler has a poll asking for people to name their favorite national parks, and links to a cool page of entry signs at parks around the country.

Finally, if you’re wondering how the park rangers at Mount Whitney deal with the defecations of 20,000 hikers a year, see Part 1 and Part 2 of The Poop on Whitney at the Wildebeat.