Sharon Allen, PCT Class o’ 2007, sent this link along: Highway2Health Walk. What it’s about:

Highway2Health is an educational 6 week fitness Odyssey in which a group of health-oriented participants transform their bodies by eating a diet high in fresh, organic, and unprocessed foods while walking to natural foods markets and restaurants throughout the state of Florida from Orlando to Key West.

Great thing about hiking in Florida: not much elevation gain. Bad thing about hiking in Florida: the same. But anyway … the upside of this Florida hike is that it starts January 1, when it’s cooler and less buggy, though if you wanted to give yourself a mountain-worthy workout, crossing the state in July with all that heat, humidity and skeeters would certainly qualify as a what-doesn’t-kill-you-makes-you-stronger outing.

I’m skeptical of claims that a few weeks in the wilderness will turn your life around, fitnesswise — while the trail can be transformational, what matters is what happens when you get back home. Highway2Health is certainly on the right track, though, by focusing on foods as well as footwork. I never lost weight till I changed the way I ate.

Heck, I’d go along on this hike just for the chance to finish in Key West, which is one of coolest towns anywhere, and not just because of Hemingway’s six-toed cats. Organizers are limiting their group to 12, and it appears there are a few spaces available (I nominate Cutter to head down there and Represent the Two-Heel Nation, at least for a few days).