All sorts of captivating links have been piling up in my RSS reader. Let’s get to ’em.


Wildebeat checks out great gear of ’06 reviewed at

The Goat points to overshoes for your ankle cast.

Winehiker outlines optional hiking gear. recommends a monocular (which is one half of a binocular).

Modern Hiker likes the idea of backpacks that generate electricity.

GoBlog reports on a camp-stove cookoff.


Outdoor Sports Blog recommends trail-work volunteering vacations.

National Parks Traveler recommends Sequoia National Park in winter.

Best Hikes links to a trekking-vacation site.

Cyberhobo has an update on his Outdoor Map project.


Paula Constant complains about the character of the Sahara Desert’s women.

Andy Howell sings the praises of the UK’s most biologically diverse region.

Walking the Wall reports on China’s Helan Shan Wall.

Florida Hikes has been puttering around in the Panhandle.


Freezer bag cooking tells how to make your own trail bars.


Sports Geezer says attitude is the key to long life.

The rest

Scoutmaster shares leadership tips.

Southern Appalachians Initiative gives an American Hiking Society progress report.

Well, those oughta be enough to keep you busy for awhile.