Sunday was time again for the annual waterfall hike at Uvas Canyon County Park, hosted by Mike & Kathy of FOMFOK fame.

Last year, Uvas could’ve given a few of the lesser Yosemite falls a run for their money. We had lots of rain and gushers in most of the falls throughout the Bay Area. Since summer’s passing we’ve had a dry autumn, a damp December and a mostly dry January, so not much is happening, fallwise.

Uvas is mostly tree-tunnel hiking, but the falling water usually spices things up. Not happening this year, though. One popular sight called Triple Falls would be better called Trickle Falls. Even so, the day was not without its photographic possibilities.

Uvas Canyon

Kathy was heard to say “just imagine there’s five times this much water here.”

Trail at Uvas Canyon County Park

The trails are pretty regardless of the creek’s flow rate. The shade makes for comfortable hiking and camping in summer.

Small waterfall

I’d have been drenched to the bone if I’d have gotten this close to this fall last year.

Gnarly roots

Moss grows on everything around here. Don’t stand in one place too long or you’ll find some growing on you.


Just one little bit of water coming down the canyon.

Bending trees

Madrone trees bend sunward.

Clouds, blue sky, trees

Got some nice clouds-and-sky action here.

We’re on the verge of a nasty drought in these parts. The Uvas Reservoir, which flooded last year, is nearly bone dry this year. I’m thinking I’ll probably be grateful for any mud I have to trudge through as winter turns to spring.